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Creating a compelling job offer

Currently, the Engineering & Manufacturing market is saturated with jobs, with a shortage of Engineers in the UK. Our data shows that candidates are exploring numerous opportunities and receiving multiple job offers. It is imperative that when making an offer it has the best impact.

Creating that spark

Specialist engineers are attracted to offers that stand out when there is choice avaliable. Therefore, making a great impression with your offer is key.

Only 46% of employers report making regular improvements to the recruitment processes that affect the candidate experience. We want to change that!

Connection is key

Saying "I would like to offer you the job" is not enough.

Share the positive reasons with Pioneer Selection why you have selected the candidate. This is so our specialist consultants can present the offer to the candidate with this information. Candidates want to be "sold to". Our candidate data shows that this is what candidates want to hear.

It is key:

To remember that the candidates are interviewing you and the company as much as you are interviewing them!

80–90% of talent say a positive or negative candidate experience during the recruitment process can change their mind about a role or company.

Nearly 4 in 5 candidates (78%) say the overall candidate experience they receive is an indicator of how a company values its people


If you have a salary range- and your budget allows, we would recommend offering the higher end of the salary to make the most impact in this competitive market.

A candidate will likely have more than one offer to consider in this market.

When presenting an offer to a candidate with the lower banding and then rejected by the candidate, this can have a negative impact.

Our data shows that if an increase is given as a second thought, it can be off-putting to a candidate.

Pioneer Selection work in partnership with you to create a stand-out offer to get the best commitment from the talent you want.

Confirming your offer

Our specially trained consultants will present the offer to the candidate on your behalf after a feedback call with you following the interview. Keeping you updated every step of the way.

Timing is Key

In order to make a positive impact; it is advisable to be transparent with the candidate at the end of the interview about the timings of any next steps. This has shown to have a positive impact and maximise candidate commitment

Interestingly, it has been shown if you decide to make your offer on the spot during your interview, this can lack impact. 60% of job seekers report they have changed their mind on an application due to its length or complexity

The Package

Following the interview, as soon as a decision can be made, we recommend you put together the offer.

This includes re-confirming the full package with benefits so we can present the offer promptly to the candidates we are representing.

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