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Don't judge a book by its cover

8 months ago by Morelle Chodosh

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Covid-19 Has shown us that we have all had to adapt, learn and re-evaluate how we look at things.

What is Job Hopping?

The practice of changing your job very often.

Although traditionally changing jobs every few years may have been seen as a "red flag", it is now a realistic trend within the manufacturing industry. This should no longer be seen as a negative.

In an Engineers' world, this means that you are in demand in the market. It is human nature to make that career move if you are offered a more favourable opportunity. This also shows that an engineer wants to make good progress throughout their career.

Being open-minded about a candidate who has had a number of career moves will allow you to increase your talent pool.

Everyone has a story

Many Engineers might have "fallen into" contracting after COVID. The frequent pattern of falling into contracting is that often once a contract finishes it is convenient to continue accepting another one. Getting back into a permanent position may prove to be tricky if a candidate is stuck in this pattern, especially if this is seen as a "red flag".

If you think about your own career history or colleagues around you, it is likely people have made sideways moves, left and returned to a business or made a complete career change.

Being unlucky. This is a common reason why an engineer might be looking for a new opportunity. It may have just not worked out and been the wrong fit.

It is interesting to find out, that in a recent study, it was shown that one of the top 5 reasons Engineers are considering a new role was due to a poor relationship with their manager.

2 out of 5 Engineers leave a role due to a poor relationship with their manager

Rather than an agency, Pioneer is a consultancy, and candidate care is vital to us. We build relationships with the specialist candidates we are representing.

During our interview process, we assess motivations, aspirations, reasons for leaving, development goals, and more. The discussions we have allow us to dig deeper to discover things beyond what you can see on your CV. Experts in the industry with over 200 Years of combined experience.

Alongside our interactive talent database, We speak to hundreds of candidates every single week, vetting them thoroughly, having discussions and discovering things beyond what you can see on a CV.

Often since COVID where redundancies were made, Engineers may have wanted job security as soon as possible with the volatile economy and hastily taken the first job they were offered. Perhaps, in hindsight, this company did not provide the long-term progression or career development that the candidate was really looking for. Perhaps they chose the wrong manufacturing industry, or the company goals were not aligned with their own. Often with lots of engineers moving around- a Department which once looked stable may have since changed.


We have noticed an increase in the number of relocation candidates we are representing from overseas. Being open-minded with Relocation candidates will increase your talent pool. We confirm the visa status of the candidate for you, together with building the picture about their relocation journey. We really do challenge candidates to ensure that accommodation can be sorted in a timely manner.

Don't be afraid to explore!

Being open-minded about what industry the engineer has worked in can increase your talent pool. Recent success stories have shown that hiring an engineer from an industry outside of their own has been the missing piece to the puzzle. Having someone come into the factory with a fresh pair of eyes and bringing along transferable skills to add another dimension to a department

Looking beyond a CV and allowing our consultants to "bring to life" a candidate's story for you will have a positive effect on your recruitment.

We represent engineers and specialist candidates across the whole of the manufacturing industry and work with sectors including the following:-

FMCG, Plastics, Recycling, Distribution, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, and Industrial, but to name a few.

What you don't see from a CV

Candidates who are considering moving in the market are interested in succession planning, hierarchy, training and development. Engineers want to know how YOU are going to INVEST in them.

This is a Key interview question that a candidate may ask a client during the interview process. Candidates are aware that specialist engineering skills are in high demand.

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