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5 Myths about Hiring

about 6 years ago by Clare Cazaly

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5 Myths about Hiring  


Everyone wants to work for you

With a massive skills shortage in the industry we have definitely steered into a candidate driven market. Gone are the days where you would have queues of applicants waiting patiently for a shot of being seen for your job. Now when a candidate arrives to your interview they have probably been to 4 others and could have even had job offers by this point.

It is important now that you really sell the company and position to the candidate by tapping into the candidate’s career objectives, aspirations and motivations. Don’t be afraid to show a bit of personality and demonstrate what the culture would be like within the business. Although another company could be offering a higher basic salary your company culture could be the thing that swings the candidate’s decision in your favour.


You should only Recruit when you need staff

We have the saying “Always Be Closing” and this is the same for recruiting as if you are not looking to see what is out there in the market then you are going backwards. Who knows when that unexpected resignation letter might slide under your door or the fresh skills that the business could be missing out on to a competitor.

Although smaller companies may not have the luxury of being able to hire as and when it beats the last-minute rush to fill an unexpected role especially with the fight for talent.


Advertising your job on a job board will find you the best candidate

If you have been on a job board recently you will see that there are hundreds if not thousands of jobs in any given location. If your ideal candidate is on these job boards there is no guarantee that your job advert will rise above all the other noise on the job board. Also, how are you attracting the increasing number of passive candidates who are sitting waiting to be found.

Considering we are a Recruitment Agency this may sound biased, but you should use us or someone that specialises in your field (we focus in Engineering, just so you know). We interview candidate’s day in day out from multiple sources to ensure that we have the best candidates on the market and show you the calibre of candidates out there.


You should always offer the most qualified candidate

IQ is not everything, ever heard the saying they can “talk the talk but can’t walk the walk” and depending on your role that could be true. Sometimes knowledge is power, but we would offer a candidate who was less qualified over an all singing and all dancing candidate if they fitted all the important criteria such as drive, culture, work ethic and train them on the rest. Not only will they be tied into the business more, but it would also increase their loyalty to the company.


Recruitment Agencies only care about the fee

Obviously, we do this job to earn money and put food on the table, but we also care about our candidates and client’s. Some companies do not realise how much of a relationship we build up with our candidates; interviewing them, talking to them day in and day out and it can often be bitter sweet when we place them in a role and then pass them over to the client.

And similarly, with the client’s as we ensure that we offer our expert advice and knowledge in an area that they do not know much about and know how damaging it can be to recruit the wrong person for the business, so we want to get it right.  


If you’d like to learn more about how to attract and assess great job applicants to fill a current or future requirement then drop us a call on 0208 166 5252 and speak to one of our experience consultants.