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How to reduce your candidate drop off rate

over 6 years ago by Clare Cazaly

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How to reduce your candidate drop off rate

Track your application time: 

A lengthy application process may result in you losing 90% of your qualified candidates. One third of job seekers won’t spend more than 15 minutes on an application. It should also be a given that your application process is fully mobile.

Streamline your screening:  

Screening and additional skills testing reportedly takes over 8 days this is too long for hiring teams serious about reducing candidate drop-off rates.

Stay engaged: 

Regular updates encourage candidates to remain in your pipeline after submitting their CV. Acknowledge applications promptly and outline the key steps in your hiring process, including likely interview dates and ideal employee start date. Unexplained delays reflect badly on your company.

Fast track referrals:

Employee referrals provide a better quality of hire and should be fast tracked through your hiring process.

Minimise no-shows: 

Candidate no-shows are a problem for most hiring teams. Schedule regular interview reminders, including on the day of the interview itself, to minimise the risk of your candidate going AWOL.

Don’t delay your decision: 

It takes over four days for HR to make a decision on candidate selection which is three days too long. This delay risks losing your ideal candidate to a competitor and speaks volumes about your decision-making ability

Don’t ‘ghost’ your candidates: 

Ghosting your candidates (ceasing all communication abruptly and unexpectedly) gives a poor impression of your business. At least one third of candidates expect feedback from an employer and it helps the overall company brand.