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Why join the Engineering Recruitment sector?

over 6 years ago

Why to join the Engineering Recruitment Market as a Recruitment Consultant

Why join the Engineering Recruitment Sector?

So, you may already be in the Recruitment Industry and looking to make your next move or are starting out and looking to start your career in Recruitment, but what market do you choose?

With talks of cut backs in the public sector the Engineering Recruitment Industry is bucking the trend. Engineering is a rapidly growing market with the added benefit of being a diverse and interesting sector covering anything from Manufacturing to Aerospace and everything in between.

I can assure you that no two days are the same and after 9 years in the industry I am still encountering new markets and engineering technologies that I have never heard off.

The Market

As an overview nearly 5.7 million employees work in engineering enterprises in the UK, representing just over 19% of total UK employment in all registered enterprises. As a proportion of total employment, this has remained relatively consistent for the last three years.

Engineering contributes 26% of the UK’s GDP – viewed in terms of Gross Value Added, its contribution is more than that of the retail and wholesale and financial and insurance sectors combined. From a scalability point of view it is a great for progression as Recruitment companies can grow large and yet still lucrative teams in this market paving the way for you to move into more managerial positions.

Engineering activity has a particularly high wider employment multiplier effect: every extra person employed in engineering supports another 1.74 other jobs. The Engineering Market is an attractive industry for graduates and employment making it a sought-after career due to the competitive salaries.


From a day to day perspective this market is highly rewarding and you really are a master of your own earning potential. This is especially true when competitive salaries combined with an abundance of companies keen to get the “best candidate for the job” results in higher than average recruitment fees.

It is interesting….you can immerse yourself in a world of technology,  get out of the office to visit client’s, see world class manufacturing sites and understand how everything we use on a day to day basis is produced.

Due to the clients we work with it really is a market which allows you the opportunity to consult with both client’s and candidates and really get to understand both parties needs and offer guidance and advice instead of merely CV shuffling.

There is not as much red tape in most of the Engineering Markets as qualifications are standardised a lot of the assessments are carried out by the company who are recruiting so no chasing CRB, DBS or any other type of compliance that you can think of.

The Future of Engineering Recruitment

The market is growing year on year and as the global economy evolves and Britain prepares for a new future, engineering and technology will play an ever more vital role in driving our economy, creating employment, building the essential infrastructure to compete in the modern world, and enabling a higher quality of life for all: from cleaner air in cities to faster broadband; from growth of high-tech start-ups to more energy-efficient homes.

The underlying trend towards the “hourglass economy” goes in our favour and predicts that increasing demand for highly skilled jobs which leverage a strong “STEM” (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) skills set, and fast growth of knowledge-based services.

Ultimately it is also down to your own preference and how you want to work as each industry has its own best working practices. But if you are interested in making a move into Engineering recruitment we are recruiting at our Elstree, Borehamwood office so please call me, Clare Cazaly on 077 4815 6985 for a confidential chat.