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Technology in Recruitment

almost 7 years ago by Matthew Lye

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Technology in the Recruitment Industry

Gone are the days of recruiters sitting at a desk with a landline and the yellow pages making cold sales calls to clients, the recruitment world has moved a long way forward since then and technology is at the forefront of this. I am going to explore the technology that is now making recruitment consultants lives that bit easier.

CRM Systems

Firstly, CRM Systems, this is the recruiters hub of information, it holds all client and candidates records and makes them readily available at the click of a button. CRM Systems improve the speed that a recruiter can work at, whilst also increasing a person’s efficiency, additionally they improve organisation and eradicate the need for paper copies of information. Overall this is the main tool of a recruiter and having recently switched to a market leading CRM, I can say from experience that a good CRM is a huge benefit to a recruitment business.

Applicant Tracking Systems

Applicant Tracking Systems and Multi poster Sites/ Job Boards are a huge change from the old advertisement techniques of a section in the local paper and influx of CVs arriving in the morning post. An ATS is a quick and efficient way for consultants to manage advert response and react quickly to job applications. Within 10 minutes of a candidate seeing a job advert that CV can be in a Clients inbox which is one of the main reasons we have seen such a change in the speed of the recruitment industry. Additionally the ability to post in multiple locations at the click of a button allows recruiters to reach a huge audience compared to the select few that read the paper, improving the response to each individual job.

Social Media

Social Media has changed recruitment in more recent time with the likes of LinkedIn; this has allowed certain professionals to be reached by recruiters that before would have never been accessible. Recruiters can now access busy professionals through other professionals in different industries or through friends all on one platform. This has allowed certain recruiters to really boost their audience, especially international recruiters.

Overall we have seen a huge change in the industry through the introduction of new technology and I’m sure this will continue to change as we move forward with new technology and software being introduced every year. Hopefully we can stay on top and keep finding, in our case engineering professionals new positions.