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Has Social Media killed the Recruitment Consultant?

over 6 years ago

social media and recruitment, recruiting using social media

In the digital age and with the rise of social media a question could be asked if the role of a recruitment consultant redundant?

73% of 18-34 years’ olds found their last job through social media.  This has allowed employers a valuable tool to access the candidate marketplace like never before.

On speaking with employers who have embraced social media to find their next hire, one thing is clear, there is an abundance of candidates. However, there is no guarantee that they are suitable for the role for which they are applying.  

Whilst social media platforms make it easier for candidates to directly apply for roles with one click of the button, this has had the consequence of burying those responsible in an avalanche of applications. 

Secondly, as an employer once you have made your way through sandwich artists applying to manage your next million-pound project, are you left with the best candidates for the role that you are looking to fill? Yes, you might. 

After all (dependent on which statistics you read) circa 75% of professionals are passive candidates, and are less inclined to engage with a job advert.  So, what I ask myself is am I getting the most suitable candidate? or the most suitable out of those that applied?

With the rise of Social Media platforms I am pleased to say that it has not made the recruiters role redundant, however it means that recruiters who add value to the recruitment process are those that succeed.  After all, why would an employer use an recruiter if they can access the same candidates by advertising the same job on LinkedIn with a couple of words a quirky picture? 

Social Media has been fantastic tool in the creation of talented individuals, but this is the beginning of the process not the end.  This is where as a recruiter we add value to the recruitment process and why recruitment is not a tick box exercise. We pride ourselves on understanding a company ethos, culture, goals, as well as the candidates desires and ambitions. Matching these ensures not only that a vacancy is placed, but the candidate is fulfilled in their role and will be an asset for the client in years to come.

Due to the access employers now have to candidates as a result social media, the days of the lazy recruiter blindly send CV's are numbered, however the recruitment CONSULTANT is thriving.