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3 Points any Recruitment Process can take from the Barcelona Grand Prix of 2017

over 6 years ago

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3 points any Recruitment company can take from the Barcelona Gran Prix

Motorsport and Recruitment are 2 industries with a lot in common, I would like to introduce 3 points that I believe any recruitment process can take from the Barcelona Grand Prix of 2017. Whatever your position, be it internal recruitment, HR, Hiring Manager or agency recruiter I am sure that you would have come across these scenarios.

1. The Obvious Choice is often the right choice

It is very often a 2-horse race, or a one horse race, or you’ve left your horses in the stable. Anyway, as we saw in Barcelona often the obvious candidates are the ones that will, more often than not, be fighting for that spot at the top of any potential employers offer list.

Hamilton and Vettel both looked, at points, as though they could win over the weekend but some solid strategy from Mercedes allowed Lewis to be on the top step. In recruitment, often that’s all it takes to differentiate between 2 great candidates, one small piece of information on a CV or an interview question answered slightly better - or ending a race on a tyre which appears to be made of a harder material than available in most DIY stores. Whatever it may be, you can be pretty confident it will be the obvious candidates left at the end of the interview process drinking champagne and handing in their notice.

2. The wrong candidate at the right time, might get the job

We need to pretense this next section by saying that we are big fans of Danny Ricciardo so this is written with love, sincerity and a slight level of obsession. “Honey badger will take what he can get” - Daniel does have a point here, sometimes as recruitment consultant’s we just find ourselves in the right place at the right time. This candidate may have secured this job due to a broken-down car suffered by another interviewee and they may have been on their own for the whole process because the guy with the same skill set dropped out early, due to being the unsuspecting victim of a fin on fin collision. At the end of the process though they end up being the winner of some otherwise unfortunate circumstances - unlucky Max and Valteri…and Kimi.

3. Exposure is key

Speaking of Kimi, we would like to turn your attention to the best bit of marketing from the weekends action. Now, kids are fickle but who knew that Kimi Raikkonen could potentially star in the new series of Super Nanny.

This I’m going to make short - Social Media is massive - this story was the most popular news story of the weekend and it was shared via the Scuderia Ferrari’s Social media channels. If you haven’t already worked this out, you should use Social Media to recruit. The majority of the world has some form of access to it. If you are struggling to recruit, remember Kimi Raikkonen has an audition to play an incredibly one dimensional pantomime version of Mary Poppins, thanks in part to his incredible child care skills but mainly due to the incredible effect that social media can have in finding the right candidate.

Hopefully this has helped, if you need further help filling a vacancy give us a call. We are much better at Motorsport recruitment than we are at writing blogs.