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How it Works

Earn up to £250 for Every Referral Placed via our IOS AppAndroid App or Portal .

It’s as Easy as 1,2,3

  1. Click “Refer” On Any Job Or “Refer A Friend” From the Menu If You Don’t Have A Particular Job For Them
  2. Share The Link – We’ll Give It To You In A Message To Share With Your Friends
  3. Pocket Some Cash - When We Place Your Friend In A Job, You Get A Reward
Level 1A level one referral is when we place a friend you recommend£250
Level 2A level two referral is when we place a friend, of the friend you recommend£125
Level 3A level three referral is when we place a friend, of the friend, of the friend you recommend£75

Terms and Conditions

The person(s) you recommend must not be existing members of Pioneer Selection candidate database.

The person you recommend must be placed within a permanent position at Pioneer Selection, within 3 months of you first referring them.

The £250 reward is a gross payment and will be subject to statutory UK Tax and National Insurance deductions.

The net payment will be made by cheque or BACS.

Any placements made after 3 months of introduction will no longer entitle the referee to the introductory payment.

The person you recommend must complete a minimum of 12 weeks’ continual service.

When referring a friend please ensure that you receive full confirmation of your referral from Pioneer Selection within 1 week of contacting us with their details.

There are no restrictions to the number of persons that you can refer to Pioneer Selection Ltd

Pioneer Selection Ltd retain the right to amend or withdraw this referral scheme at any time

There are no alternatives to this offer.