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Bridging the gap – The return of the Engineering Apprenticeship

about 6 years ago by Clare Cazaly

Engineering, manufacturing, apprenticeship, recruitment

Bridging the gap – The return of the Engineering Apprenticeship

The UK needs approximately two million more engineers by 2025 with a vast amount of these ring fenced for our growing Manufacturing industry. There are numerous campaigns to tackle this, focusing on one issue or another such as;

  • Increasing the uptake of STEM subjects at GCSE level
  • Recruiting more women into the Engineering field
  • Encouraging both younger and older people to take up apprenticeships with Engineering and Manufacturing

These are all key to ensuring that UK engineering has the right skills supply post-Brexit however due to the changes in Apprenticeships particularly Apprenticeships could prove to be a key driver in bridging the skills gap.

Improvements in the effectiveness of Apprenticeships within Engineering

Due to the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy those paying it are now in control of directing their own funding, so can invest strategically to recruit and up skill to plan for future skills needs.  From 2018, this will include investing in their supply chains and other companies in the engineering sector.

This would result in Apprenticeships being more attractive for both Employer and Employee as the employer is able to choose the provider they feel is best suited to meeting their training needs. Price is important, but employers are also able to see through the online Apprenticeship Service how well their peers rate different providers and select the best one accordingly.

Apprenticeships will increase employee loyalty

It has been proven that if an employee feels engaged with the company and empowered through development that they will not only be more loyal but more productive. Increased loyalty will also come from not having the burden of debt from education resulting in them feeling more appreciative of the company and keen to give back.

Because the government funding can be used for existing employees, no matter what their age and, for the first time, apprenticeships can be funded for those who are training at the same or a lower level than their existing qualifications. This provides greater flexibility for employers to up skill their existing workforce through the apprenticeship route increasing loyalty across the whole company.

Reduced hiring costs within the Manufacturing industry

In a candidate driven market the costs are high to recruit sought after skills if you add up the costs to attract candidates, recruitment agency fee’s and then the drop-in productivity and associated loss of earnings whilst the role is being filled.

By training up employees via an apprenticeship a company and tactically plan when they will need new recruits and have them trained and ready to go at the right time.

Apprentice trained Engineers are increasingly sought after by our Manufacturing client’s so please contact one of the team at Pioneer Selection today to discuss your next career move on 0208 166 5252.